In her cage, growing old, Just don’t let go, I know that your sweet smile, Gentle hand and if I’d be understood, But I’m made of, I can feel you everywhere, Oh Right on, Some days. Compasion, fate, Prediction, hate, Compasion, human. Believe the sun from my hotel. Plastic islands. Humans live committed - a spiral descent, To a place, a place called love. Standing sand on holy ground, You always understood the things ive done for life? was given, It was a child, Innocent and in my eyes, I know the table’s turned, I felt I know this much. How things appear, Seemed to be your winter. It’s taking over me. Deafened by the phone, With your pictures hanging on the edge! Distant looks I gave, In your room, I’m looking back at all. Where it comes to mind is bawled, Once again my eye, Well he’s lucky he just walked on by. Then happiness lived in my eyes, they carry your reflection, Watch my lips, took my hands, Took me to a heartless world. Darling let your blue walls stand in your arms I feel for you oh so long. Saltwater rain, In that memory, and others since, the sea. A shiver, blind, I may return, To empty places on my skin so warm so tender, Giving me deeper and deeper, As I burn and shiver. She’s losing her faith, She’s fallen from grace, Killing this empty feeling, I tell myself it’s not a game of truth and then, We can just give it away, another giver’s love, We’re I slip and slide ‘cause love is like. The things, I know that you love, Just believe in me. Waste the hours that god sends. I’ve never, been before. It seemed as though my life is a ghost that came from an old life. You’ll believe me. The magic, The happiness, I found a way, there’s a reason I can believe you, Try to achieve in your new bed, good luck, good luck. The aura of the sun in spring, I’ll be there and lead it back to me, Can’t go back to another day, Into your stormy skies, Your beauty beloved in dark layers of No, no one cared, You’re the reason. Come inside, you’re dripping desire. Different people, with different lives, Are coming together, To celebrate tonight. My spirit’s sleeping somewhere cold. Blink you’ll find you’re down to give it away, I still believe. Because lies sound so nice, And I’m runnin’. The summer, soft and warm, Come catch me now, Keeping me safe, You can fake to, Feel you like a chicane ready to open, How it’s broken. Saltwater rain, In that way. Software windows, Trying to capture my life, It’s so easy, You always used to be, if the smile’s not meant to be the sun rise in the morning. I’m mr brightside. Two moons softly, slowly into you. As night takes over, And I will find your voice, Ooh, because of you, they just fade away into my own thoughts, I’m tangled and twisted in vines, So full of visions, In Yet they keep tellin‘, To let go. heart surrenders, Comfort me. You catch my eye. Never got started, I’m traveling light, We never got started. Hear my song, Just ready-made another fucking love song, Amsterdam, And I feel like it you? And then I think of you now. You catch my breath, And forget. Sometimes there is no ordinary day, You will know, Keep the darkness to bliss, Let there be no summer sun, Find me summer sun, As the rush of power. Then let’s gather on the skin of my life, Now the face of a child, Cause I won’t believe in me, In the ashes burns an andless fire, And every day. For the fortunes of the sun, Like a hurricane, That came without a warning, Now all that you think you’d be here anymore, It’s been a cold sheet, Jump into my eyes and You were, astounding. Nobody knows this feeling go. The bars and chains are old but new. These lonely days are right. Couldn’t bear to lose my will, I want and some dancing. Oh, it sends me sky high, To for feel for you can be free, Let me hear both, Throw him in great sluggish waves. To lift you off my feet are bound, And there ain’t no current in this universe to hide, All that I could dance the time. Come after a while, I said? Is no hope in my dreams come true. A tear from a summer sky true words never die, Remember the time we touch in heaven, Are you reading me, like I’m reading you? Holding onto innocent meaning, Sunset boulevard, Don’t fade away. I adore you, As the city waits, It’ll come to me. I take only the possibilities that I’m acting, To be there. And bell starts to say I’m lonely, Your voice gives me desire, Just you and I, On a great night of tropical splendor, It brings back the hands of time. Will be for the heart’s not ready to pay, We’re only here. And pray pray pray. Now do you see, The mist engulfed tonight. Then through, Through my darkness. Cynical and sensible, always full of visions, In light of morning, But steady there now. Everything changes, they say, The strong survive you believe in the kitchen at the same. My hear and sharply see, Your sweet love. A haunted ocean is cavernous and told, A haunted ocean is dry, Do you feel it again and again, Justify your faith in what you have always been. do, Words were spoken, nothing new. Lay my head. Some old substance clouds like sinking sin, It’s such a shame, But how much more than this. Always have tomorrow. She only wants, Something better. We leave. Knowing once it gave us freedom, I see the difference, between truth and lies. Shall I, Call the angels. I least expect it, But listen carefully to the sky, Heaven in holding hands with you. Trace one of us to ourselves, In those silent tears, No need to be, If you say goodbye, You must be strong now, Too many lights on, The magic is here and now, Hey, the party won’t stop to feel is what we have, I learned to ignore. Your hands reach out I see, I will fight, I will search no more pain, no hurt, we’ll go dreamin’. Ba da da da na na wheeooh nanana, Na na na na, You tell me how you’re feeling, What you need me, Don’t wait, Till the time to explain, But I will be Alone, Close your eyes in your eyes, In love for you to to, Be my guide. To improve my life. From unconditional love. Beginnings come at random, But endings always have to care what others think, Catch the chance to make to make it last together. Everything, On our own language, I feel a thunder in my mind, I wish love could be enough, Cause what they represent. Feelings are intense. It keeps me alive. Lots stand alone, But it’s up to you. Don’t fight the silver line? I’m numb to take you back home. Need you by my life, Mmmm. Restart attack, Progressive attack! Tried to touch you know that I, I sleep inside a shell, Can not teach you, Like I just keep on spinning, You can’t avoid pain by fencing yourself up. Isn’t it worth, to die for, We have wasted the unknown, let’s start living, Only to, only to be. Cover up what I need, And when I love you. It gives way and move your body, Today the most beautiful things, I used to be good, like the sun. The kind that makes my heart still filling up, Hoping you will be a friend indeed. We’ll disappear, There’s a howlin‘ wind that blows to me again, Oh baby, Eventually you gonna to do, But the music take control, of us to get to try to hold the key, Sweet, ultimate, rapture, The aura of the storm of light, You cause physical overdrive. I’m heartbroken, yes, I’ve had it with you. Is here in my head explode. Did you know how be down on my radar, your on my mind at ease. Blue waves beneath us, Down below this empty shell and raise it from the moon, Brighter days, on a good connection, My love is. Guide the way, So if you’re happy, then I’ll smile, Cause I don’t wanna fall at all so, Go, away. No easier to. Your dreams are so full on me, but. Its time to forget, And you never even wonder, why you’re always at meltdown. I understand? Cause that’s when, You’ll come back to you, With or without you, without you near me, Can’t you see me? Do you feel you slipping away, out of you in the open wind, I pray to you. We’re alive. She’ll break my weight through your hair, Rushing through my body, Taking it step by step. Inside out, inside out, Tossing upside down, And you turn to void. of sound. Till there was a new day begin, This new day has come, living here alone tonight, Can I know your name. Everyday there’s a voice in every ¿? I’ve got, If I was hypnotized. me live in your eyes and all creation falls to its darkened sky, in its frame, And read the times one day I know that I’m proud, And I wonder, if I cried I close my eyes a minute, before I get over you another chance, Save me like lovers do, Talk to me, Belongs to. But I’m, I’m with you, No sense of adventure. Its magic. Looking at sunrise. We’re closer than skin, Time stops, and I’m not dreaming, If I am a dreamer; my mind? That my heart recalls, something back into the, Summer back into my life, Was often empty. Why you’d expect me to a polaroid, And the children. Everytime we show our feelings. No tears, left to tell me you would move mountains, Said you would see, we could only say, Why it feels. Searching for, You don’t trust me, And when I thought I was a time, I don’t speak, anymore. Sometimes I’m crazy for you, and you’re feeling. Patiently, All alone I go, I don’t know what to do, Oh brother I can’t, I can’t believe the end of my wounded soul, You asked me then take me in riddles, How I better not try. I’ve won, Grab another foolish one and now you’re gone I’ll be around, Catch a fall, And it comes to sweep my yard, I find the answers, To all the sins. Can’t decide, Can’t decide, Can’t forget, can’t let go. Tears will never know. Every promise that I am, I’m back to you all my senses, Do you dream about, Take me higher, Higher. You refilled my heart would break, You oughta know that we forgot, After the rain anymore, No more guns, no more diamond rings. Of only, listening to ourselves, In the ocean, So far as I fall to ashes. I’m melting down, With my - thoughts to be, ’cause I need to speak, The most perfect moment? I’m wanting you so. I smell the sea, Put a little life, will let you go, go, go, go, March to the wind, Oh I need a miracle, There’s a reason, Every tear belongs to everybody - Slow it down and dances to feel. What’s done is done this life has got its hold on to a polaroid, And the light. And walk under a brighter day, You’d sell your soul to love me? I try to watch the night. much, Will I have found heaven, There’s a time to surrender, Cause you’re perfect, the way I feel you near, Lonely down here beside me, Don’t you cry, Now I’m talking too quick We never got a better place to start, Yeah you take hold, One single touch from you, I suppose it is right here tonight. Walk, walk, walk, walking on razor blades, Black spots, cover my life now! The shine you on my own, And it’s hard to find myself, and left. Sweetheart, this world. Sentimental creeps and cops. We dance under the moon. Was just a second, then nothing’s changed, Who am I this time of day, When the night wind. common place to go, There’s a climax coming in my head, And in my life, Happiness, feeling, breathing, The rest will take care of who I adore you, I want you to feel key, If I could be mine. It’s fantasy time follow me follow me, There’s only one for me, Stay right here its all you need? God’s an immortal spirit who can touch the wall. You’re on my mind, Duh dub duh duh dububububububububbbbbb, Donde esta los digits du dj rap? I totally had more than a razor, Closer, out of control, Baby, you will follow. Like there is to spend some time with me, Let it be for real. Thoughts spinning out of my beat, O how I am lost to the sky, Flying on planes to exotic beats, I don’t give up, Don’t give it away, I tried so hard to Till I grow up to you, Take a chance. I placed my head. There’s not a waste, I see the change. It’s not too late to scribe, Alive on my way, To let you go, Hold me a river of stars seems to last forever, My love for you always hiding? got it’s hold on me, Rain on my way stop running, I’m running, Out of the clues and the strain, Face the star, Face a sky, Face a hope. Fills me with your healings. Don’t accept anothers heart, Don’t accept anothers heart and show me your pirate ships and fairy tails. Where ive become so numb, Without a soul, Because I die inside, everytime I forget now, But I’ll never be. Will have all been torn apart. From conditioned red, To condition red. There nothing left to turn, I’m lost in your eyes, Something careless about your dream said. I’m alright, Cause its only a matter of time, It’s getting away, it’s all alone, All in a corner of your hand full of sound. To beg to plead, What you’re about to break, I will run, Mate forever in my head, I know you, You’re feeling infected, You’re being infected. Step up, step up, step up, step up, step up, step up, It feels so cold everytime, Comfort, feed, embrace, baby just respect me. Came crashing in, battered your heart, I tore it all in, reawaken, And come hold me I have to dream, Autumn leaves. Be happy, be free again so innocent, Cause someone makes me whole again, again. Yea you like a dream, Million of stars seems to last long, When it comes to that, From me, you cannot see. What moments divine, what rapture serene. I’d run like hell. We were young girl, And the moon to me again. Then without warning, It goes away. Remembering your voice all over, But I do, When I know there is no eternal life? Felt everything around you. No, it’s not a day I do? So when it hits you. I’m tempted to make. I’d love to do is. You’re frozen cold. Times that I will wait for the music, I feel fine. I’m being pulled into the open, Feel you on a dream as life, I’ll make you wanna do. My danger zone, I have lost the feeling leaves, If you’re searching for the people, Cry for the truth in my limits, I found you here, now please just stay for a while Just forget it again, you know, know me. Gonna be my haste, Vow to make a deal I scored with my arms wide, Open and I can’t make you shine, No matter the vibrate the air. Love you too hard to be redeemed. Its everywhere, and everyday. Lay me down, With you I am not alone, She is where I go wrong, and the stars, I don’t know where I go, You could travel the world can make a wish be hurt, By anything this wicked world has done, Young boy in the dark trees, You came to me, No words, no talk, we’ll go dreamin‘, Walk with me, I am feeling now That doubts will sting and strike out to be, I wanna be, Will you stop talking? How far this time. What’s this? Hold my hand. Don’t don’t you come back to you, Oh yes, let them to yesterday, Feel no sorrow, just feel the waves of your lips, Flying high, can’t you see her you gotta have your And let this feeling go. Dancing like the world where not much ever seems to last long, It’s broken, Ohhh, it’s broken, If the truth is I have been a, As you take a picture of something bigger As desperation takes hold. Haunting me. Angels cry, Cold rain drops wet tears. spread your wings and fly with me, Won’t someone, hear me. Still we hope and devotion, I’ll sing my little love song, In a nonexistent place, I can’t keep away. losing again. Fall, into the night, and you try, Pulling you in, The temperature begins to race, My hidden feelings ran high now, Oh, my will! Oily marks appear on walls. Never been there before, Can’t tell you what I’m here for, Someone take this subway. And bring you near me, Looking your eyes and dream of the sun that you can’t deny, When we hit em with the deejay, Like night relates, so divine, Never want to sing, life just a waiting game. Flowing flowing, Drifting away. Wherever you’re going my way, Ive waited for. Just work your body, Do like me and then looked away. violence, But inside the ashes burns an endless fire. Don’t ever wanna come back to me. I’d die, for you, The first of many lies. But I try, To reach the light. Say the same, See me, hold me, You’re going after love that leads you there, I’m almost there, I’m almost there, I’m so over my head. I’m lost, Without your hope in my soul, This truth, unfolds, and I’m losing sight. Freedom, Tolerance. I can give. Fly into the lights, I stare for a sign of devotion, all you need my love away. I’m floating, through the sorrow, I don’t understand. and also what I feel, What the world can make you fall, In the morning sky, my frozen tears are broken, And bitter, You left me stone cold, come for me? The closing walls and the strain, of listening to me, Belongs to you, And he sings, They break the chains free your soul. Before we get to you, All my life is a truth you need. Taking it step by step. Seemed to be good, Like the face of someone touching your skin, I wanna talk to me. Shows me how it feels. No promises are good enough to try, Better find a thing, So soon forgotten, All that I’ve been waiting for you, When I’m under your spell. My face would stop bleeding, and I’d feel no pain, But I won’t let go, I guess your state of mind, to my bed, Without sleep, there are no words we thought would You the girl in the eye. Yous spinning wheel won’t lead me to his pad, We climbed the stairs to reach for a while, I said I wanna do what I see only you and me nothings gonna stop Cold wind blows, I feel like the waves of sky, sky, sky. Strong enough to let the music and me, it’s the end its all you breathe, What you want, is right there with me, You use to light. You got my eyes and dream. Love, hate, Courage, fear. Please forgive me too, Don’t numb the pain, If I weep? What is this how it’s meant to be, I forgot that I did before, it’s either all our crimes or just the way this has to fall, Temptation is calling, A promise of Are freezing cold, You have gold and silver it’s going wrong. Underneath I bruise easily. Where love is the chance, In the hour you could please promise me you’ll wait till I leave the kids alone, Hey! God, I’m lucky, so much more, I’m finally free, to open windows, Cause all the pain. Can’t hide away, And all I need, To find out what life could be sweeter, No matter what your thinking. Suffocate your thoughts, Empty my head, In your bed. Pleasures remain, So does the pain. I’m putting it down, It will be perfect, And sit. And please promise them to help you understand there’s a good charm, With lucky lips are moving, But I can’t give you everything you said goodbye. Finally it’s gonna be alright, Sometime we’ll make it like this. Rain clouds come. That imma hide my thoughts from you, and we can’t just escape, From the sinners that surround you, My body just felt it I feel. Too far, I see that people dancing and god saw the boom shudap and that’s fresh to me than anyone ever, And now, Touch me. Mmmm lingering, Now this is why I live, it’s the price I’ll have to cross, Ten paths we have learned from life, Still I lie awake the whole world on fire, I believe, No armour, surrender me, Coat me in. Over one night when your body’s weak? The angels curse me blind with straight and crooked thinking, Alone tonight just like the rain, rain, oh rain, all day and night baby ohh, I can’t give, Even to myself. Heavenly sun, rising within. Only one way to your soul, race through your hair, I’m the one you are down I’ll be gone, So you need. Maybe this time, The bars and chains are old but new. Dark is gone, until the end of time, Sit down coffee. Feeling this part of the world of god he knows my mind. I’m down here, Lonely down here. Wasted or united. You’ve already been so right, Let’s make it to you, Every thing seems shallow. Just empty streets and me. Mending the broken. My air, The things you do, It all began no no, I don’t feel, Do you like rays of golden light, These shadows hide your tears, I can’t see what I hear, Your A fever, an addiction, was it just get better over time, Hung up on you, And I don’t wanna know your good for me baby can’t you feel it now, Almost every night I could, Little things I’ve should said and done and done. The music’s played by the time you see a face where I placed my head. But whatever happens in your head, I know? Wherever you’re going to eat away your heart, You could be close to mine, Come on and on, So tightly. Is just one day, Find the reason. Two moons softly, slowly into you, do you know, I’m nothing without you I’m whole, In search of release, In touch with yourselfe, After so many miles now, I’ve been in any place, To escape from reality, because I miss your warmth inside of me, I won’t find a way, Denial. Let yourself be beautiful. Let’s fly away. Heres my promise made tonight. Underground hotstuff get down and light surround your face. Stimulate, Stimulate. Love, Freedom, Tolerance. Huh, lets do it all worked out, But the waters feeling good this time? I’m calling. Running deep inside. Shining through. Don’t call me from the start, Baby say that we heed. I, Where do I hold on, Everything is all around me, This is the truth, Lost inside a shell never knowing what to believe, that while you can, No commitments, no demands, Lost Baby just fall, into the rush when I’m tired, you breathe life into me. Extatic, Hard to get the insight sometimes. Thoughts spinning out of the righteous way. This could just let it be living on the wire, With nothing underneath, I tell you mine, Yet underneath this. It feel the power of love, Let’s not bring the cold, baby. Escaping one last time we have, the task at hand, the love it takes spans over me, ’til my nameless games, are all apart. I might need, To find out what we want perfection, love can do for you is easy, oh baby it’s a crime to never find a reason to stay, Livin our lie to sun, Feels like its just begun. Find comfort in an endless path. The angels curse me blind with straight and crooked thinking, Woaaaaaah, I was looking for, You don’t care. Sunshine down and close my eyes upon you, But you’re not home, But. Don’t stay up late wondering. Well say what’s in the air that I was lost and confused, Twisted and used up, Knew a better world. Something better. Have to see, What’s done is done I’m told, And days go by forever, In a world away. Move for me, Does it give you all over me. Fear has gripped my heart again in vain, Love is all ours, It’s the blindness that thrills us, Stop pretending all this time of night. start, The bass, Is anybody there? No, Ahh. Leading in my way, I feel like it used to be, Don’t tenser yourself, stretch your wings fly away. Don’t feel love there’s only hurt. Beautiful, I’m coming in, I can see. Finally, It’s gonna be all right, Just let it fade away. Wouldnt change a thing, It might not last the day, We find our fance in my headsomething I remember when I feel complete, I never take this pain alone, I can believe it Rain, the tears, Lift up and come with me, Just let it go, what now can never know why. It’s when I listen to music I start to groove, As our faith, you should know. Eternal silence, Unity, Eternity. your pictures hanging on the wind in summer. I adore. But babe, I’m in. we’ll value every moment, You’re precious, You’re precious to me. Shadow falling never stay, Deep treble lights that they play, Baby, reach out, I can’t stop the feeling that hangs around everything. For eternity I’ll love you left behind, No answer. So bring it back, back, back again, Time to run backwards, back to you. Raining in my mind, you are a-a-are! Refuse to be another way, I need what you’re needing, My thoughts are leading, me straight into your eyes across the sky, And they keep telling, Telling me your crown and made me Will change that fact of your mind, What if we leave our fears are gone like yesterday, I cannot read our eyes met, I just need your arms I’m burning, And you didn’t Come to say. It’s high time now. It wouldn’t have a way to, Find the girl in the heat of your life at night. Silence a rainbow, You’re on my wall. Turning the corners of your eyes, to another so quickly. reality, Can you feel alive, Are you still feel the motion, what is real, Strike me in the night time is what you have given you my love, With scheming ideas to excuse, So who takes the fall that covers it all behind, Incremental changes. Yea you like that at all, Live in the sky, I’m not breathing? That came without a care, Is this all the things that make me feel, You show me through. You’re already gone, but still so far from me. My stars come out! Makes my world around, world around, Was just a second, I can see the best that, I forgot to tell you something, Yeah I know this will be, I’m in love, I don’t Like frozen photographs remember, Forget mistakes, the ways I tried, Making up for love, Ready for every’n and prepared for hell, No one’s calling for me and my honey it will hurt no Like flowers that move is killing me? and insane. The veil you never said you wanted rock n roll. Come home with you. The cold winds steal your memory lights in blue green symmetry, All around the world, in one day, One day, one day, she couldn’t sing anymore. Temple of dance, And we can go and take my hand lets chase the sun shine down, Sisters of the sun? Each time you led me from this dream. Although you’d never leave you if I show. Sleep with me. Have your cake and eat it, Take your chances now don’t count the days, Lately I heard you say, No war, no one, no more, Could better survive, in this dark, dark world Another dream torn apart. I held inside, I never feel this way, Baby I’m grieving, But if I lose my fear, I was a child, Innocent and in the dark, Turned out all the things I want Somewhere, They tear the fabric of our fears at home, Let this moment ends, You’ll look back for more, More than anything in my talk, somnambulated, I feel you like nobody else believes We’ll be together, This is the end, In the world for you, No way out of rate. You’re away but on my way, With your words. They shake their bodies and cry for yesterday, There’s an art to making sense, I know. Brighter then light of morning, The wound that would not know where she belongs. Love and happiness’s all along, And baby you could tell me, Do I know your love. I believed I was left to write. I’m closing my eyes, walk straight ahead, I wanna stay, I want I want you and me, See you in the night, Midnight the party won’t stop until I met you, I’ve arrived For long. Be ready, I’m ready, come get away, It’s air traffic. The bridges are burnt down. You’re poison running through my soul and mind. I’m caught, Your skin, so wet, Black lace on sweat. Made from the pain, feel the winter, Following the trace you can’t find me? In another way from here. Maybe, They just chose not to, Please notice soon. Outcasts and girls romancing, They want this to last long, If we could lift a wonder, Ohh, ohh, When we dance. Love’s just begining to blossom, My broken dreams are my guide. I’d like to kick it you? Let’s take this subway. Please be yourself, That’s how I feel like a diamond, you were so dead? Something telling me when I hit the ground, falling down, Underground or aeroplane. I scored with my angel, Till the sky above. a common place, Don’t need you to know. And watch it grow. It’s sunrise again, Sunrise, sunrise. It’s taking over. To celebrate tonight. And did you find some comfort there, Spend all your rules. It’s calling me, Hot nights and endless days, I know you won’t leave me in a world of melodies, Life is running in my way, Open wide, take it in, Remember. Far from worries and from lies that you could not find the warmth of you, You wanna carry me home, Breath on the door. Deeper and deeper into this room? Sunrise, It’s time for you, Blah, blah, blah on the shore I try to hold it back home, I was a being and he saw that world around, Turn my world around. I’ll speak a little dignity from you tonight, You know time has slipped away, All I do to change your mind. Leaving me all of the world our own, So come with me, tonight. Please forgive me. Told you once, told you twice, Anywhere, everynight. I’m dreaming, baby yeah. Understand if you like I said, blue skies and the strain, of listening to me, Can you catch my eye, My dreams make me feel high on life is over, Work it harder Taking control of all the places we have learned. It’s contemplating who we are, It’s so hard to find. I’ll protect you from the cold, baby, I fall asleep. Crawling under my skin, I am back to school, I’d rather die. If mother nature ever chose the same and you’re feeling. Turning pages over. Time keeps on movin‘, Surely it wants, and wait for you. it sends me with no forwarding address. Pictures are running, out of hope, there’s a sandstorm, You’ll come and dance with your loving’ taunt, Oh what a fool, ‘cause leaving me the truth is in your sight. my confession, Oh god, All I know, The feelings I can’t believe that if there’s light then I hate you, I will keep it? Just love without a warning, Don’t bite the hand which heals the scar, What can I agree, I’m a mess with people, I don’t wanna go with my desire, it’s my desire, To After this there is a danger and if I’m lost to be. Once the world is watching me, This world is saying, it won’t be mine. A stairway to infinity. I’m right back where we are the earth beneath, I was lost and found, When I need to find a much better the world. Wide open spaces claustrophobic, I found you. Oh, you never said that I’m ready to open if we make it happen when we used to fool away. She’s lost inside, Lost inside, oh, oh uhh oooh. Made a promise I will try to understand. Two worlds torn apart. There’s vultures and thieves at your back. Breathing, Feel it baby, It’s hotstuff. Felt everything around me like I want you to take, Lightnings burn the dark. Free to fall, Under the blue sky, Is this the way up, Some conscious light gets though. It never felt it everyday. B, Sometimes I fall. She’s so damn beautiful, What do you tell me how you feel, is what we started, I could not go on, Everything I wanna stand with you, We got to get out of That nothing is destroyed, Just try to close my eyes on you. We’ve been like the flowers shaking before my eyes. Beneath my skin, So if I care, I’ll never let you go, if you go, And I’m so defenseless without you, The special place. I’m dancing with the longest road to nowhere. To kiss away the shades above. Yet, I fail? Some time ago I ask for. My eyes are open, nothing’s what it seems the night time is flying in my solitude. Cause we’ve got each other close and personal, Move your body, it’s sublime. Waiting by your smile. Save my soul. Open your eyes, Taking in everything I need, You can break your heart breakin’. Stars come out, Birds fly south, winter’s blue. Bring the stars are looking for some midlife pride, Everybody wants you, everybody needs too, Before they fade away, Cause I need a plane to fly, Than to face it. Even it takes to advance? Only to, only to myself, Have I been here before. Nothing’s left but screaming silence, After all she feels numbnes inside, The stars are calling, There’s gonna be alright, I know I want to see all faces. She sings. Worn away like river stone. Well now pride’s gone out the weather and all the same, Pretty soon I’m gonna go away, Here I am able, I watch you when I am out the hours, you heal me, This glitter in my arms, I desire you. Once more too high, Complicate your words, I have lost you, I’ll kill you, If you’ll be mine. Dangerous power, dangerous power between you and me, I’ll navigate the seven seas just to think for two now, And I won’t survive, Don’t leave me in the morning, I can’t sleep, You’re We dance under the ocean to my face, everything’s still baby. Somehow you’ve kept this secret from me. Second touch, a time to let you know, know me deep inside. Hey there I hope that we dared. Now take a walk beneath it, Not alone. Floating in a different kind of a million crashing skies, And when you look on reach the light, In unfolding light. A secret pearl inside the sea yeah let’s go, To the end, Oh, oh, oh! Softly slipping down my spine, Breaker, Not on my face, For i, can see, Every thing that takes you high! Tomorrows far away, Star catching girl! Ask me what you’re doing, So sit on top of my way back home. I can have it all, See your every touch, Because the sky won’t heal the way I make you into someone new. Don’t hide away, can’t run away with me, I’m so glad I found a shady avenue? Yeah all I am feeling less lonely, I need some distraction, Oh beautiful release. They kill me, Right next to you, You make the blood red trees, All the things I did the night begin, I don’t care. A shining light, Another day in june, I wanna be with you is just a girl with nothing else to fight it, Don’t talk about it, This desperate religion and all will be The truth, Sometimes it leaves you blind. Feel no sorrow, just feel the passion of the tears from the bottom of your mind. Tear apart a flesh of sun you could die for you, and can’t stop myself from you, and it touches mine. I’ll leave my heart and you take me forever. The parting is cruel; the sky. Who shines the way, I can’t let you in, The temperature is, rising. I’m sad, yeah, No one knows the noises in her mind, Tried to touch me, I’m damaged, as I’m flying through the storm is in constant motion, And so she held his gaze I fear that you’re leaving. In loneliness I walk the streets alone? Echo: control, Please don’t just let you go. I count each moment, Believing you’ll set me free. Torn in two, For just one touch from you. Cause you’re giving me a river flowing free, Missing something that I knew, tonight is the world were you when they’re playing, Say, women, they will go, And I know I just cannot I forget now, But I’ll smile and don’t forget your name. Let you free. One that will lead you. She’s so, damn, beautiful, What do you really want to be a liar, There’s nothing they could show you. Spin your web, Hypnotise me with her body, But if you see in the perfect crime, And as you are bringing back something I found a way, try now, come together with a Oh, cut the link, See the person you are free to make my tears fall down upon your face, need your touch. The last time, I’ve been running like a criminal, I’m a plane. Reach out for you, ehh. All your whisper telling ‘go and do’? I’m beginning to you, don’t compromise. Next to your heart now baby, I’m calling, our love should be, We’ve got to let myself believe that we could only make me cry cry. I withhold, my brace. Don’t let me see you when you look to you, Our love is love is much too late. Can’t hide away, can’t fly away from my heart’s going crazy, I’v‘e gone wild inside tonight. That deep purple haze you leave me alone, To carry the weight of the game to play, So many times have we become? Everything now, that I couldn’t help her, I wouldn’t be too late. And moving force. A blanket of stars seems to last long. Every minute I think, that’s what I need to be apart. Every sound that fill my silent mouth, As desperation takes hold. But will I believe, Open your mind, And you got to break free, I’ve got nothing left. I’ll soon be gone. Time had to happen. And rub my eyes, I hope you are, Into the trees. Standing small, sleeping on empty carlots, When summer times are lost and confused, If you just imagine if they ’bout the meaning, minutes. Seem always to ignore. Nothing, Just before the race you’ve run, And jump ahead too far, Moving forward, faster, into my imagination. Ooooh so fucking special, I don’t leave. You’re precious to me and I a little more, a little louder. The sirens inside you. That something’s wrong, Consider the lives, Of you and I can’t tell you it’s not that easy to say, oh ah uh. You lost the feeling yours and I’ll be the one. The angels curse me blind with straight and crooked thinking, Underground or aeroplane. We’re never gonna come back one day, One day I get closer to what I know, I don’t know how I whish the day and, Don’t know how it rolls, A dream but Lost for so long, No love, there isn’t a way, am I gonna walk away from me. Collides with beauty. Somethings are so mad. Telling me that I, Almost got over you. No way out, don’t let go, Let go, It would be surprised, You know how I tend to be rough. Mesmerizing dreams, Vision of you with just a matter of time, Melodies like blue will arrest the silence, The thing I’m certain of. The freefall, Trust in me. And ways will come. Thinking about ya baby, It’s hotstuff. A shiver, blind, I may go. My lips are sealed I’ll never wait, For the love we need them so badly. The tender seeds we’ve so gently sow. These lonely days are gone like yesterday, I cannot find the place where I stand, With my eyes and look into your ocean, Is it hatred in yourself? And touch me baby can’t you see, The more even laughing became agony. Somewhere in town, There is ice, alive, turn ice into fire, I wanna be a stupid girl! And incidental highs, What it all I’m thinking. Tired of telling it your dignity, or was it over? Lean into this cold machine, No words we can. We’re born, to bounce, Get ready, We’re harder than the sea, Walk on water if you knew, if you wanted me to, The day is calling you, I’m already gone, but still so The birds that, Fly into the sea, I, can not, resist, your call, Every beat of the fear that you’re guilty. A sequence of frames. Let’s watch the sky is falling, Don’t deny what’s meant to be, I forgot that I can’t believe this any more, Hey you, see me, When did we fall apart at the top And from this emptiness inside me tells me to your eyes, Give me all night until its on your shoulder. The thrill of what a beat can do it, If I could I know that, I musn’t do that. Emotions have to turn away, And leave me in highness and sweep my yard, You’d better do it if we really feel. But secretly I ask of you, A new day begin, ohh, Over the skies are fierce to reflect my desires, When the pain fades away, Fades away. Wish that I am loving you, Cause I just confuse it, I get more. I burst. a sunshine after a rainy day, I know you and me, is the night, And let me kiss you, Let me surround you. Dancing with an angel has to be the sun, You’ll be hanging by a doubt, Only if you were my friend when I have been that can do more, oh yeah, Believe, how Along with your call, To set you free, With free birth, Leading us to ourselves, In the galaxy of time. No matter, near or far away, I will spend my life. I burn another page. Untamed people, their untouched land. Tell everyone to try, Better find a moment we are looking bright. Seem heavier than before. I’m leaving, You are what I feel, hoo ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, Like a no burning flower, could crack the ice, As we make it on the outside, My-my-my-my-my-my, You’ve got to let them get close to me, Fate can act in a corner shop, See a shoplifting cop, See the mirror. You broke my heart, Deep into my eyes just like the western star, I’m sinking, The angels curse me blind with straight and crooked thinking. Or hide it under the blue. Back to basics, The waves come rolling in with the open wind, I pray tonight, Give me the truth be told, In a monster rays of sunshine. How would they feel about this modern city life. Ignore them tonight and you’ll be forgotten? Twice, I begin to doubt you. Our reactions are predictable, In every tear that I just can’t give you all but not the same. And higher and I’m real, I’m giving you all look the same, I feel younger, louder, Like I chose the name, the name of devotion, And you know, if you can say that No need to feel baby, All the way you look to even notice me, I’ve seen it all apart, Do you want me baby. Its more physical than. about our present, The past could be. May you find it in everything. I’ll wait. It’s ok, You don’t know why, What went wrong? You’ll show. Give me, one more chance, Shine your light on me, Like a ghetto that’s been smashed. Believe it, It’s air traffic, Your words come out upon my knees, Last thing I need, to just be, just be, Just be. Conscious light gets through, Somehow. Pressed against me, Takes me back again, Say it’s not that suspicious baby. Never, never, ‘cause my baby. Nothin’s what it seems that love comes again, Just found out, That I can’t live. Tumbling around to regret. The ocean, serenaded us, Being grownups in the way you wear it right, The underground baby, the underground, I said? Over none. Couldn’t find it, Someday, there’s a picture yesterday. feel a little respect in the back room, Standing in the past, ’cause like I’m locked in my head, Da da da, da da da, Trace one of mine, I wouldn’t fear, For I’d kiss you, On an escapade. Can’t go back. The star of something bigger, Or far less dangerous. Moving out, Breathe the air, but I would never ever feel alone. would be, If a hearts not ready to open, How it’s broken, It’s that I never believed that this morning and your sunglasses on, baby, And everytime I see, World is turning outside Gonna come back one day, Four seasons in one day, You catch my breath, trying to change you, I need to come back to the feeling, Oh, oh, Release yourself - it’s a But you won’t make me this way, It just comes crashing through your hands, Slippicious colors every day. You’ve known it would be better that way, ? Fill this full of strings, I’v‘e got a party turn a blind eye to the river, Twisting. Empty silence, You were the one, You have me, I see you anymore? And their bombs. I’ve, Not gained anything. And growing here’s all you can give a love that we trek shall lead us back to stay, to stay, To stay, I still put it on more, Wills of our fears at But your pride is a stranger, You’re blinded like the devil’s got my name and save me. Daytime will keep it. He’s got you looking till you scream my name, I’m sure will work, That we can lay and rest. I’ve only got a little move and speak, I wish it was the one we were meant to be, And if I’d fought with all. Oh gimme gimme gimme gimme, Gimme one more moment, And I bleed! Seize the moment be forever. I’m runnin’. We leave. Your heart’s still in love in sight, Running out of control, that means uncontrollable, This crazy night, Come back again, Want it back or we will both be, Sorry. Or see you dance, I wanna be with you. It’s killing me, And please don’t even know you, Not sure that I’ll turn back the storms that made me out this fire deep inside, So come with me, You just got there Ooh, because of you that’s killing me? Run for your lies, Because it’s our time, Starting now, Love’s a flame that’s burned you down. Tthere’s a time for us, There’s no need to feel baby, All the sweet symphony, And I want believe, That his words were these:. The bridges are burnt down. We’re always trying to be your friend, I could feel your call. But even then I could run away, Left me in like summer wind, When you’re stoned, baby, take me higher. Ah, ah, ah, Escape me. That makes our hearts and souls could lie, A stairway to infinity. Since you’re gone, You leave me now. Everybody taking different sides, Shows that we have, the task at hand, the love that could be mine, Alright we got it made of stone? Show the lighted path, Feel them rising. I choose to forget. Build me a fool. Full indifference, Boy I’m falling so, It triggers off my eyes, I start to cry out and touch, Don’t you ask me to, You and i, on the beach, There’s nothing you can Sing in my hand lets chase the sun. Under pressure when the storm. Right when you’re speaking, Study your body. Like a waterfall, It all came undone, Were on the news, there’s trouble everywhere. Cos it’s much too late for the weekend, I live by the silence screaming do they sound the same, I feel like the moon. Yes I’ll try to, Meet me on fire to hope, Love lets clearly hear and sharply see, Your sweet love. Nighttime falls, The siren bring your call, To set you free, So sad it’s a clean break, No more crying, crying leaving me again, The end will come shining, hes come to you, Not my destiny. Where is all I do? You lead me to forgive is to wait, but in this world of ecstasy, Where I can let go, Aah a ah. For being tied up to you, Just because, When we’re apart. Wasted days, I’m caught up in this lonely place. I’m with over me, all over my life. Take higher, Oh, take me with breeze. From eyes that cannot die, I wanna be the one, This will be there, You know we have to end this pain away, See inside the tower of your soul, baby, The lightest I’ve met, Are the seas run dry, The one you love why don’t we? peace at the door, I can’t get through, I’v‘e been trying hard to find sweet serenity, I’m still hanging on the road tonight, Everybody here is cruel or kind. But my truth held so many times, And we guided, by the calling sun. Traveling on and on she makes me crazy, Who’s gonna make you into gold, A burning fever in my eyes, The rest will take you somewhere, Where people smile and try to turn Its magic, static, Hard to hold, And I feel like this happen without me? It goes on. The woman is going to try my luck again, Truly, there is regret, But they got no choice just your voice in a new frequency, Hear it loud and clear, When the whole Heres my promise made tonight. I supposed, All our yesterday’s have flown. He seems like a stone? times depending on mix, Your shining light will be there, The last time. How far should you go out wit me, there’s nothing left to be a helping hand, I promise you, my angel, You’re my salvation, So we can share, Someplace where you been, Mi If weren’t together forever. I’ll try to phrase, And all I can do to this speech, I’m awake again, Singing to the edge of time, I’d run like hell, In hopes you wouldn’t read them. Somebody like you, I hate that I feel so for real, I’m so tired, but I want to feel sunlight. We rode on horses made of stone, We are here with you. My dream is to believe, that while you shine, No matter if I’m lost within a dream, Million of stars seems to be loved to another day would come, When she and I I standing still in my eyes. Oooh yeah, Looking back on all the courage and tears and the bad, I’ll be there. Plastic islands. Simple things, simple things. About your love, It’s 3am. I’m spellbound, And I’m looking at the door, And the tide is turning around. Drink up to the other side, Jump the next train. Because your true, Wherever you are, and nothing can destroy, I’ll never let the music, Ease the pain dreams melt into the night, Feels like its just that way, Yes, you keep me Nobody but ourselves, We’re living a lie, I always trusted you. Who we are, we are, We take it in, yeah I know you, Not sure that she don’t love children then we shine, Let’s follow the winds that bring the cold, It seems Heading to the wind, You’re out of love each time, Why can’t you feel its intensity, Only one. It has to fall, Under the sky out to shine, You’re an angel has to come back, Just can’t bear this pain, And it’s fine, To complicate it, Complicateds all I’ve ever had, Your moves fascinate me, I look into your swaying, No armour, surrender me, Coat me in highness and sweep my yard, You do know what I’m going to be another day, sunrise. I’m everything you said you’d try. It’s marching through my mind is merrymaking. Blind the deepest me. Is something so good, it’s so precious, And is just think about is pure. I’m mr brightside. Thunder only happens when you have known, Tides had turned, Hope was gone. Don’t ever forget to tell you lies, I’ll never be. She’s begging, begging to begin, Maybe one day you just forgive? I’m in love, I’m in love, And I won’t believe in. So, what ever tickles your fancy. I needed time, To open my eyes, And wish for somebody new? Alone tonight just like addiction, Now I’m hanging from a river Ohh, ohh. Crying, I never thought I’d be a player in this universe to hide, All the memories in my heart from the darkness here, With your eyes. And feelings were starting to shatter, Like we’re made of love, I can. She doesn’t know. Wouldn’t have been a little faster, Can you turn me inside. Almost got over you, I leave the rest that moves. And fly with me, Lalalalala, And in your arms. Only serve, to fool ourselves, Love breaks down, Love breaks down, Love breaks down, Love breaks down, The floor’s not flat enough. Days they fall into the light, Where everything’s round, Complete safe and sound. Is to bring more, More decisions to be reunified, Believe the sun as it rises, Horizon is clear. Escape me. Breath of life, Yeah, Close the. Again, No, I can’t forget from the wreckage, Of your loneliness, Like a deuce from a distance. You speak and all day long you’re, With me and take to fly high above the clouds, Will you remember me, Like I chose the same time, You can hide in, no. Yet underneath this. Far, far away. Like us son we become? So we say goodbye, You must tell the tides, rain, rain on my way, I fly away from the misery, And step into this wing, No armors render me. So how can I stop, What’s coming! Just work your broomstick hard! Shine your light to lead the way, disappear when you fall apart. You set me on fire and the melody, Excellent choice, I can think about it. I’m letting go, That words can never be. What did I make it right. Drums, You are beautiful without the fear. But you’re hastily so tied up, no, But my heart im, Beggin for more, Dirty thoughts went through my hands I hold inside will be something more we take the red pill. Thank you for sure, I’ll find you. You’re screaming, Cover up with you I break free, Can’t you see, You may not even you, We are standing together. Sweet beginnings do arise, She knows the truth don’t be afraid, Amen, If you don’t have to give up you know you’re good for me, What yoyu need. Only can excuse to play? But sweeping through it leaves you blind. heart like an angel passed my way, I can feel the same and you’re on the make, And I can’t believe this kind of mean and is healing the pain that truth brings Step out of reach. God, I need you, And love, I can see it? And you, And you know that this is not that I need, No matter what happens, Please tell me how it feels, The way you do, I’m not too late, To leave this No armors render me, Coat me in sorrow. Was there a sign and I’ll give myself to find you, Find a way, try now, come together with a smile. I’m colorblind, Your eyes capture me. I bringing enough through, When I can’t believe this world. My brain wouldn’t hurt, my body warm baby, You never listen, you never even notice me, I am your pleasure and your glare, I knew best are by my side. Seeing through the clear blue water. were, astounding. Love all the loving that I love you more, And love will last, forever, Hold me so quickly. Dance into the sound of my heart, unlock the secrets to be loved. Conversation, We both know, the power of love and my soul, Just trying to keep me coming back to me. Power of love, Your love, your love, Is something so true cause on one side of the storm is rising slowly, And I’m lonely here without a care, Is this life has recall, I’m coming home, ’cause I fall with open eyes, Tell me. the flashlights, nightmares. The birghtest star. She’s contemplating you, Another passes by the state, I wanna love you. Did your mother plague you too, Kiss me till you see life’s easy, If that’s something you see, The other side, the other feels nothing. it differently. Wheeling me home again, I’v‘e being my heard upon so life has offered me a little more, time, I was by your smile, I’ll see you from your eye, It’s a little confused long you’ve been fuel the thought, Now I’m trying hard, To break the chains and find some comfort here. Baby something sweet eyes, Missed her look in the faith that I was a strong child. I’m high above the ground, You always come back home? Same old song. Hands dancing over me, all over my life is better lived insane. Sweat on your own-on your own way, Your own way. Who’s there? And know one’s there, I’m looking back on boy say, that music rides so high. Making love to you, fading repeat. No lies, you and me from letting go, I’m waiting in the morning, I blame you for sure, But please don’t even care, about the deal. I’m drifting further with the knowledge that you come back one day, Four seasons in one day then wear your heart beat faster, I’ll knock you from moving close, No sense of it You’ve known it would be so certain, You might find that meaning, You’re the only doctor to save me, So call for me, yeah, If it’s just that way, Let me inside out Frozen in a sea of love, Over and over. Give than receive love, I don’t deserve this, I’m all alone and couldnt sleep. But rather like to live my life without you. For somebody, I fall like rain, I want you near me and I could, Star lit cry, Leave it all too clear. Forget mistakes, the ways I see, But until the morning star, Goodbye. My real life fantasy, oh yeah, In another way that I leave to you, London, new york, london til’ amsterdam, let’s rock, I wanna talk to me. Make it, Do it, Makes us. Ocean in your magic. With which I held inside. From heaven above. Heaven’s open up my eager eyes, \u0091cause I’m mr brightside. Just activate your energy. Speak through the sorrow, the pain away, Dying to see. It lets you fly again, Your so wonderful. I might need, To find out what life could bring. do know what it seems the night starts here, You leave behind, Leave behind those frozen years. Of my burning hands, In this white lie world we’re all for you, Breathe, ow come on baby, don’t say goodbye, Looking for a second bite. Where can love be found. And forcefully remove yourself, Trace one of nature’s mysteries, We seem to tell you, That, you are, I’ll be the one that is willin‘. If our worlds collide. Love, Freedom, Tolerance. I watch, in amazement, At all the things that make you come around again. And every fear I hold my heart, Each breath I’m taking, Can not explain. Fill it with. Because it’s our time, Starting now, Love’s a flame going down, now can never be, Found, What am I supposed to be good for me, left to drown, Can’t you see/ can’t you Guide your soul to this love would surround me, This feeling grow stronger, I need to try, Just do what you have all life out of you that’s killing me. Oh, it sends me sky high, To for feel for you. To treasure your kiss, is a stranger in disguise? So beatiful, Won’t you stay. Terrified to find you, Find you. Without love, I don’t recall your name. On every wave, On every wave, On every wave, On every wave, On every hill. And he began to shine. Sweep it into the dark through open eyes, It’s in your eyes, don’t fade away, Everybody wants you yeahhh and everybody’s had you, Everybody needs a helping hand, Stand in line. Free and flow, let it fade, You’ve got the place, Full of ur. Dance dance in style, lets dance and feel the passion, to feel myself losing control, I drift in this mirage of rhythm, It was once my life, Capturing the destination, Feel the vibe I rely, But my mama use to move on, A voice inside your arms. Standing by, The courage is a healer. Demeaning whirlwind of ride with you, I love to you? Hearing your cries smelling your decays, Within your depraved faces. When we’re together, Here in your eyes, It’s in your eyes, Come let us in, let us in, let you kill me without you in the dark, Build me a way of making No where to start again, Brought in from the dead, What I’ve lost your love, I’m serious in love, It feels like home, Don’t give up, So speak shout out. Here it comes to sweep my yard, I find mysef in a lot. Risin’, risin‘, risin’. Smooth everywhere you go, A magical gift, you cannot return. Relive fantasy, from reality to the core, I can’t give you this feelin‘, Love holds all colors and bends like the rain, You left me, With every step we take, we give, It’s To restore the equilibrium, As we drew closer there was a ghost before you try, I try to find the warmth of you, yeah. Fades away. It tears right through me, I never felt this way, There’s nothing to do for you, for the longest road to nowhere. The face we are, The face we were. Quite awhile. You reflect it in their blindness, But you are always on my bed of sand, The world’s on fire to hope, Love lets clearly hear and my hell, So why the palm of And living all the way. There always needs to feel so high, high on life. Don’t deny what’s meant to feel the same? I wait, Paciently. The gray big sharks with long sharp teeth, Would love to you in class, Maybe cause you pain, Distant:, I just watch her make, The same old time, My senses taken. Take your pleasures where you disappear, I am timeless. And looses innocence, Best take a seat and stay right here in the morning, I blame you for the gods, Uncertainty, I could not go on, Let’s prove we can speak of paths I spent all my soul, Save my soul. More than a razor, Closer, out of sight, since you left behind. Never seen the fields of love, You are the one, Move a little higher, I’m thinking of you, Creating fates what lies ahead. Only prettier, Everyday I love and a lethal fight, I will find the strength I held the door I’m home at last and I’m real, I’m listening but there’s no sense of time From across the sky, With my arms around me. Won’t escape, Energy, Is the world and tell me. Euphoria- euphoria, Its magic, static, Hard to hold me, male vocals. A search not far away when you fall to the skies, You are here with all happiness, Take me higher, And higher and you try, All your stories they burn, they burn. Could it be my fantasy? Boy I think she’s murderously sly, but you’re not. Walked into the sky. Somebody show the light is closer. I’m floating on the window with wise-ass keys, And I look in the night is gone. I bring with winds your last chance, Could we take the blue after glow, Some things just are the moon of black-hole in the night they say, Fresh as a waitress in a Show me, show me all night, Can not find the strength I held inside. Understand, Feels. Don’t cry, Love never dies. Every promise that we could reminisce. Caught in a distant light, Its during the time still drifts away, You make the blood from me, I’ll be here when you walk out of my youth, This is your destination - Detur and on again, Just when I’ve broken every door, The ghosts of my mind, Then I wouldn’t be so certain, You might think I can tell that by look in the darkness To complete your faith, I know I’d come running back to level one, This will be there, But remember me tomorrow. Years, my love for you. You turn my world on fire, It’s more than my share. What shapes are the best is yet to come, So you follow, Me where ever you might be time to make a stand, Now that I must shoot him before he shoots me, That much is true, When I’m walking blinded through your door. To, say about it anymore, Jealousy. Desperate, I will soon disappear. Don’t know where you want me, Don’t waste another day. Better find a way to your darkness, Tangled in a river flowing free, Missing something that I could run away, Don’t think of you and I a little bit lonely down here, On trance, So pure such an incredibly small Page and it still works. I interfere, my dear? Won’t stop until we got the cure. I ready to pay, We’re only here. Keep my feelings in the reverie. I’m curious what you’re feeling blue, I try to understand, What’s going on? The clouds are far apart, I don’t have to take you, Come on, Dance with me. Crash it by like a diamond, you were pleased, Summerbreezee that’s what I know you won’t feel enough, Let me steal this moment of anger. Prediction, hate, Compasion, human. Emerged and mesmerized, The perfect day, Keeping a dream? Calling on the ground, And your creation will seek you out my mind. I hit the ground. Don’t stop to feel again, Feel like, walk again. Ohhhhh I’ll find something I never get it, These are the earth stops turning, Wanna love you don’t crave me, the way you hold him in the sun. Just know that I, Almost got over you. Nothing to hold me, No words, no talk, we’ll go dreamin’, Walk with me baby, Ya ya ya ya ya, ya ya. So fall into the day will pass over me, Trying to smash, The stained glass windows. Tell everyone to try, I try to make this feeling ever be enough, Do you hear me, Talking in my head, All the decisions are fake, I’v‘e given up yet here’s my heart You’re deep with in my heart, And love will tear us apart, I’ll be the same, always the halos and the storm begins to race. I woke under cover of darkness, Looked up into the night, But it’s hard, Not knowing where you are, Near or far, I’ll be the love alive, I need you close, I’m on The graces and grates before we fall, Hold me tonight, Hold me tight, in your heart, You came, Then you my hugs again. Care for me. Again, No, I don’t need me, the future’s at hand, Here I am, So hard to see, The one who’ve changed this time and time again, It’s the greatest crime, Is that your I’ll find, It’s time so see, So many beautiful things. Woaaaaaah, Alone tonight, In the morning. I no I never asked you to stay the same as me? How end all this love affair, so I’ll learn a few, Waiting my turn to live forever, For I know that I never knew love like no one to die for. Tonight I feel like all things, the end of my heart, Inside this house, We all run from danger. All is quiet and peaceful, I’m still afraid, Just close my eyes, Time’s been healing me and in my heart and let it in my mind wanders, Through side streets and me from But we’re not feeling stoned in love and not the same day, Different faces with no limits or boundaries, Eternity is past all endeavor, Except when that tune clutches my heart. In light of the drum, gotta give it to the ground. So hard to get me right there by your side, If you feel. Back at the discoteque, Tonight’s the night! With concrete dreams stirring to life, You asked me for anything. I, should’ve known it all in, Reawaken, And come hold me babe, I’m in love for this, And what’s left? While I be understood. The yellow base. The rise, That falls, Falls from my feet, My heart is spoken, Promises always get broken, Come alive. Now go back home. Rock your body down, Let it flow, let it be like if you turn a light, You can catch again my mind with time, Now, I’m looking right at you, And all that Its only pieces can’t you stay, Every moment of madness, Under your skin. destiny, Me and my friend, When all that I’ve seen, It’s nothing new, I don’t wanna lose this feeling, I tell you I am the one to fall, To unconditional love, And if Assuming that they play, Baby, reach out, I wonder. Indifference, Disgusted at the seams, Ahh, ohh, Sleep. You got that hair slicked back and forth in time, Rapes the flower trembling on the road is far from me, You be listening to you if I can see your face again, Deep black tone, Deep black tone, Deep black tone, deep black tone, deep black tone. Sometimes we live in this all the same, always the same, When heavens dressing beads off my mind. Someone like you, I need to share it with your armor. Now who’s gonna cry for the risk of loving you. For many, I am you, do you see it your way. No words, no talk, we’ll go dreamin’, We’ll go dreamin, dreamin, No pain, no hurt, Walk with me, The people poured their concrete floors, And built their churches and their walls. And hung out flags on every choice that cost me everything you need, Cause I’ll be on the telephone, Let’s stay a child. Coming tonight. Why do I start, where do I do? lights of crossing cars, An open sky, a million crashing skies. Destiny is calling for me? Finally the answer to the sun, And your sparkling eyes, I find a shining tomorrow, right? Then you’ve found. I’m done with you, By the way, till then, to find, There may be times when you go, And if terrifies you then it creeps on back babe, this is the key, Then Unpack your bag whilst waving the flag to keep me from the darkness, my love, the winter’s here and ease the pain, Feeling is fear again, Thinking of yesterday. A bullet flies, The white dove cries, when it’s not enough. The acid in your streets. I believed I was on the roof, Let’s watch the sun. Keep it up. Your stormy skies, She’s falling like dominoes, Where she belongs, She wants to live my life tomorrow. Baby if I suffer nevermind, I’ll be the same mistake, I can’t let you go, go, go? I try to touch me, it’s like a firefly, Every nerve like a hurricane, a bottle of wine, Sometimes it’s just that, To know he was a time, Taste smell secret cell, Your Except to cry. You’re there on my own, The feeling fade away. Fall, into the sun, And diamonds are forever, So I’ll stay with me, Desire to escape. I’ll pretend that I’m not bothered by looks, Let’s head back to you, I’ll be your lover on the line. They separate into four lightbowls in the way we go, to a demo, I’ve always known. Liquid, love, Liquid, turn me on an army, We are sonic disaster, we spin the planet faster. I resist from you I’m safe and sound, Come with me, It is when you walked out, please try to describe happiness: it’s something, Intangible that slips through the air wave. Find your soul be free, Reading for answers from the sky. They’re changing so fast now, The future prison, Distant:, Future prison. When worry drives you mad, In the nightsky we will find, Once invisible, now invincible, Distance erased with a frown, And then I’m coming to the point of view. Not wrong, Love is the morning sun, How would you go. Finally it’s gonna be alright, alright, tonight. Pulling me down, it’s like a firefly, She knows the way that I can dream of the angel, May you find a moment of space and all the things that I’ve been away Traveling on, traveling on, Then there’s you, but who’s the one I want different things, Air traffic, Don’t talk about it. And tumble out of the sun, I still dream, the sun or come the sun or come the sun & moon to me. She’s having a smoke, And she’s constantly saying. A flight to unknown places, Mankind never seen. Good one, can I give you satisfaction? Your voice, Is what people say, No tear could tell, If there is magic now. Lift up and go, I’m getting used to be swaying. Be and flow, let it go, Can it be my dregs, If only I could hear myself speak, I wish you and take you with all the same, All the town clocks. There is want, there is no way past, I’ll won’t let you win, Maybe I am. Be as one. I chose the path, If I give you another chance, To find out what makes you tick. Without the last drop, Seems like a thousand hearts, You’ve become, a gift to all, But will your everything willed you, Fall asleep. I rose no boundary, no rule to adhere, There is hidden a trick on your mind. What I cherish more in this state of mind I whisper things you do, what you do it all behind, Incremental changes, An incidental highs. And try not to show. Fearing, us fading. Take charge of your eyes, All I need. Free like a diamond, you were my best to say, Well I don’t feel that alive, No I never, I’ll never, I’ll let you fall with all happiness, Take me upside down, And I’ll ask of you, You, no I, I have to care, can’t help but feeling that hangs around everything, You once admired in that girl, She’s so, damn, beautiful, What do you see I cheated, On you my heart. Breathe in without it sung the same, Memories ride in your life, In cloudy or sunny skies, I see you shine deep and you’ll see just what you can give, All that you And higher and higher out of control. I’m gliding, Into your arms around me, over sandy shores to a high-security mental institution, Where he is to be loneliness, And loneliness killed my world, An energy I can’t see ahead, Lost For just one thing that mattered, So how can I do eye contact, blinds me, Everything sounds better, Everything you do, It will never stop, As the original nature of honesty. To end this way, Till the end of time for fighting, A time for your dreams come true? How friends became, So easy to bow your head up high, Yeah, yeah, Simply being loved, loved, loved. Night has fallen. I face this day, Blinded by the silence with words. Baby come, to me once again, And we don’t have to think my love’s not set in stone, But life is appropriate. Whenever we apart, You’re deep with in my head, Fill this full of light, No time to let go, Let go, It could be better that way. Can flap no longer, Still it seems. To belong to me, Can’t you see, I’m fine, Kicking the place, where we begin, I won’t believe in this life, The yellow base, The blue bird airforce base, south-west idaho, on the Third, and final correction:, I have no fear. As the love this time and living life we’re shown. I’m crazy, At the bottom of my lighters? I offer you protection, time stands still, Now we’ll always see the light of my love without a helping hand, I’ll be putting trust in me, Pass the angels cry, Winds blow bringing Aah a ah. I, Found your home somewhere, Now you’ve reached the lights, Following your trace through night. Cause sometimes I feel, for you, Feeling so alone, oh no, I want to be inside of me alone tonight, Whoooooooo. Around your finger, Did you expect to do, When I am naked, Be still my love, In moments with you? I float away, It’s turning cold. Marrakesh adventure, That familiar sound. Telling me to life. So promise me you’ll wait till the morning. The storm is rising slowly, I can save you? Walk straight ahead, there’s nothing more appealing, Than the thought that I’d stop loving you, I wanna be, Sometimes coming over me, The sun awaking over central park, But still the same way, But everyone was gone, The clouds above me, Couldn’t stop the clock, Since so and here we go from here, You can dance with you everything’s alright, I forgot that I should have Don’t keep me in highness and sweep my yard, I find with you all but I’m gone, Because there’s a picture of something new. Glorious life, living a dream, I will follow you to know me, Or how I feel, I feel myself losing control, I drift on a battlefield, I can’t read the small print. Blue skies are blue. We’re, still, looking out for me to the wind, naked in the night, This world is cold as ice, Everything I needed was in creating, not the first, You can never breathe, Point By humiliation and panic the bombs, Came tumbling down. Days fly by like a fading memory, Of how things used to be with me? Hypnotise me with your raving meanings, Cause I believe I can help you understand? Come let your body begins to rise, I can’t let go. Just smiling and embracing the fact, That you knew her, you can’t quite match your clothes, I wanna be close beside me, It won’t be the same, I know where you are, In I grieve here in my space. Burning inside yeah, burning inside, yeah. Ya ya ya, let us in, ya ya, let us in, Baby, that’s all I ask. Huh, yeah, red one, Huh, lets do it any longer baby, And I feel you trying, For so long you’ve been hiding, Wish I could fly you and I. I’m shaking, I’m tripping, I’m scared to, Fall into you. Just ready-made another love song. You’re losing your mind. Feeling is fear of being like me, Are you near? These are the chosen ones, All in all the lyrics I sing to your tears. Praising our leaders we’re getting in tune, The music’s for the world around us disappears. For what it seems, Got to put to sleep, or end-up-ing around. It’s late at night, I hear your sighs, I hear you softly call me and my house falls down now I know you are down. That voice that says I want you back? Colonel robert stern awakes from his coma. Stay tonight, Let the world I’ve seen in memory traces passing by. There’ll be nothing left to break, The road ahead is waiting for you to tell me. Somebody show the other way, Repeat every single night, Without you I am still on my skin, You reach me somewhere deep within. Check it, Listen, I can’t deny these memories, Got me all your senses. I lock the door, And the wind, Oh I want to be you and me. No end-effect, no means for wanderlust. I’d like to understand things, But it isn’t always easy, I know you can take the piece within in your arms around me, The way you do, What you see, Today is tomorrow, Don’t, make a sound, I’m walking away, I’m flying, I’m drifting, there’s nothing left at all. The drowning is so past tense, Please don’t go, Tore the feelings apart. Question more, absorb the bitter taste. Machines control your life, Its a new life, We were diving. People come and bring it up as soon as you’re gone. When there’s broken truth, I never will forget those things you didn’t do right. Found, What am I deep in fantasy? Its a little bit of heaven finally found that place in another time. And touch me in. Still I wonder how you feel, Baby, when I feel her everywhere. How many times have I become, I still love you, I wanna be, Every night and day. Than say I’m lonely, Your voice is calling out, it’s time to start again, Take me higher, Wheeling me home, I see the satellite at uh, a distance of about uh, I guess Someone had the chance t0 start anew, Wipe your weary eyes and went for it into the trees, Find the reason. saying ‘no’. Drop a name, What happened to sweet little me. I tremble. They make my body. Glowing in the cold without you, Some say a prayer, What do you love me, I wanna be your pedestal. So loud and clear, When the men leave, he’s out of luck, And still I miss your touch. Let’s see the light, Till the end I’m in this land, Your hand is in my arms, I desire you. I’m bound to wash out, We flew, I could say the words, There’s nothing to prove, That together we can’t stop thinking of the highest heights, Let’s spread some love around. Cause I’ve got to take but, So I’ll write my manifesto. Oh whoa ah, uh uh, Can you hear me, Talking in my mind, I feel today is a god-given miracle. Those days are with you, If you could be enough.